Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Tablecloth Fabricated

This is a project I just finished for the April Cornell website. They asked me to show a tablecloth being made. Immersed in the world of manufacturing, I have learned that if you want to know everything it will take years in the business. That said, from my experience you are not going to learn without being hands on with the process. For this video I spent a half hour in the sampling room with our linens team and a tailor. I took photos, video, asked question and intently watched the whole process. This is how I saw it; it is way more interactive then photo's and text.


  1. I love it. And the music reflected the artistry of the product.

  2. Great video! Good to show people how much work is involved in making something we all tend to take for granted... I'd love to see more videos like this one! Embroidery, printing the fabric, etc. Beautiful!

  3. Thank you! It's great to see how the linens we love are made!

  4. Gabe,
    We sometimes forget that an item of clothing in a store may have actually been put together by human hands!